The Tragic North Pole

February 2, 2008 at 2:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

The north pole        -the North Pole Sunset

As you can see, the North Pole is very cold. Yet because of pollution, which makes Global Warming, the North Pole is rising in degrees quickly and the icecaps are melting! The seals, polar bears, whales, and penguins, even snow foxes and snow rabbits are in great danger! This is the start of possibly the end if we, the humans on Earth don’t take action! When the Earth gets hotter it can help in a way yet it makes a bigger effect that is tragic! Smog, noise pollution and littering can form pollution. That’s sort of why city’s smell so unhealthy, the factories form smog and there are scarcely any trees! Trees provide clean air which is wonderful!

the north pole         -The North Pole

A beautiful place that is melting because of us, the humans! The food chain is fragile itself and Global Warming is harming it! To make a difference and to be a well known leader throughtout the world, start caring, Now or Never! Some easy and simple ways to help the environment are to:

1. Turn down your heat tempature in your house to save energy. To this effect, wear a sweater to keep you toasty!

2. Recycle! Recycling is a major part tp do to help the environment big time! There shall always be a recycling bin near by in your community!

3. Use water bottles! Those plastic little ones aren’t biograteable! That means that if they fall on the ground they can’t go into the soil so they just stay on the grass, harming the environment!

4. Use energy efficient bulbs! They save about, at least forty less watts then the regular bulbs!

There are MANY other WAYS to help the environment that you can do now! So please, I don’t want to pry, but please open your heart to the animals and nature that needs your help. Nature and animals didn’t do anything harmful to you so why do something harmful to them?



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  2. What’s a Veggie Lola?

  3. I don’t know what that means Lola but I do care about the envioronment!

  4. I don’t like global warming! 😦

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