Webkinz Rhino?

February 3, 2008 at 4:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

webkinz rhino        – What do you guys think of a webkinz rhino? I don’t know if Ganz is going to make a webkinz rhino or not but there is gossip about it! Who knows! There may be a webkinz snake for all I know!



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  1. idk about a rhino….who knows??

  2. I barely know about any new webkinz coming out except maybe the kangaroo and the shnauzer!

  3. well theres a himaylan cat ( i have 1 in real life) theres the black and white cheeky dog, theres the pink and white cat, theres the tiger snake, thers the bengal tiger, theres a wacky zingoz, thing, there a lil pink poodle, and there will be a lil black lab! OH, wait theres the black poddle! and the grey horse, people already have the himalyan, the black and white cheeky, the shanuzzer, the blakc poodle, the tie dye frog ( i have it) and the vevelty elephant and the duck ( i have it) people also have the grey horse
    thats all the new webkinz!
    hope this helps

  4. Oh! It helps a lot! Thanks!

  5. I really hope that they make the rhino it adorible 🙂

  6. i saw there making a lamb,beaver,mouse,flamingo,spotted cat,chimpanzee,squirrel,fish,sea horse,dachshund,owl,gira
    ffe,zebra,bluejay,cardinal,fox,prairie dog,kangaroo,dolphin,whale,bat,ladybug,boston terrier,buffalo,guinea pig,octupus,porcupine,snake,shark,parrot,dragon,snail,alligator,and a chicken so exciting. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!

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