Camp Grove Point!

February 8, 2008 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Camp Grove PointCamp Grove PointCamp Grove Point      – (The horse picyure) Near Grove Point, there is an amazing stable! Last summer, I went to that stable every day and had a blast and learned a lot about horses! I got to trot, walk, go through obsticles and do a trail ride! The only hard part was that at the end of the week, we did a scavencher hunt and one thing we had to do was put together the bridle, ( which, to me, is difficult to know exactly were each latch and part goes!)

– (The rock climbing picture) Okay, this summer I’m going to a new program called, Thrillers! There, we will learn to do survival test! Like, go on Grove Point’s new Low Ropes Coarse, pitch a tent blind-folded, start a one-match fire and go on a survival overnight at camp!

Camp Grove Point      – Camp Grove Point is a great place for sailing, snorkling, canoeing, kayaking and other fun water stuff! I kayaked there and it was so much fun, ( even when I fell off my kayak and into the seaweed water!)



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  1. cool, i do english jumping so im wayy past walking and trotting ( not 2 brag) im going riding tommrow and Sun. with my bff Maya yippe 😀
    can u jump?
    I love to canter, its like the perfect rythem and speed!

  2. I wish! It was only a week camp and we learn SO much! Right now, my Mom and I are looking for a near-by stable so I can take lessons! If I had a chose of only doing one thing in the whole world it would be horseback riding!

  3. GROVE POINT IS SO COOL :p :p :p :p

  4. I know! Every other camp in Maryland and Delaware are either day camp or a 4 week resident camp! Camp Grove Point lastes all summer and is a whole week, even weekend camp!

  5. i wen thorse back riding todya, and im going tommrow to.

  6. I wish I went to your stable!

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