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best friends forever     – Even though Clare and I live farrr away from each other, we are best friends forever and I will beg my parents to move to C.A. to live near her and horseback ride with her! She is a best friend forever!the name Clare  – Clare, one of the BEST people you could ever meet! Go to her blog,        If you haven’t noticed, she is the first blog on my blog roll! She is awesome and a great friend, she is the best!

big pink heart  – Clare, a student, a horseback rider, a friend! She has a big heart! She is trustworthy, funny, amazing, nice, kind and one in a million! This is all for Clare, my BFF!



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  1. omg ur so nice!! thanks a bunch!! ur my bff, best horse back riding buddies!

  2. go to my blog!! look at all my new pictures!!!!

  3. I did! Thanks! I also do girlscouts too! You are also my BFF, horseback riding friend buddies!

  4. Yep, i added a new post so u might wanna check agian, its a little letter!

  5. Chelsey, had time to answer your quesiton, check when u can!!

  6. I did! I also answered to Chelsey! Thanks for always commenting on my blog!

  7. That comment was for Clare. kansas girl, I NEVER deleted your comment! I just didn’t approve it yet and now I did so please don’t be angry at me!

  8. awww….Kathleen your welcome…Ill comment ALL the time!

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