Read This Everyone!!!!!!!!

February 11, 2008 at 10:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

my dog ate my homework  -*I wish this excuse would REALLY work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just soooooooooo stressed out over soooooo much in my studys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

homework  -Everyone!!!!!!! Read this,

                                           *My teacher has been giving me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH homework all this week and I need to do loads of homework, essays,  reports, test to study for and this week I’m doing a lot of stuff for my girlscout troop!!!!

* With ALL this stuff going on, I hate to do this but I won’t bne on the computer. Yes, ALL WEEK, until Friday Afternoon! Sigh……..    😦      So I hope no one is mad at me……It’s just for the best……Sorry. I won’t be putting new post up or commenting on anyone’s blog until Friday Afternoon! I REALLY regret doing this but, I have to if I want to pass 5th grade!        😦         I’m sorry, and I really don’t mind if you don’t comment on my blog until then. Sorry, but as soon as I’m done this week, I get A WHOLE WEEK OFF!!!!!! So since my minor delay of the computer is bad, I’ll still get to post and comment AS LONG AS I WANT TO! So I will and I’ll coment a million times on mine and everyone else’s blog and post a zillion post’s after this week ends……All I have to say now is Sorry and I hope no one takes it personal……………….          😦              😦



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  1. I’m sorry that I’m going to miss Valentine’s Day too! In this case, comment your username on webkinz world under here so I can give you guys an awesome webkinz Valentine’s Day gift! I’m so sorry and refretful but it is for the best!

  2. Kathleen, its Ok!! We all have tonzzz of Homework and its way more important than blogging. Just relax and focus on your work, not us. Well be ok, i have a lot of homework to today. You will get through it
    Your Sister

  3. Clare, Thank you! I hope that since I have dance class tonight that it won’t interfere with my studys ALSO! I hope I survive, my teacher is so rough and 5th grade is just plain rough itself!
    Your Sister,
    P.S. I’ll try to relax!

  4. Kathleen, I hope everything works out. Have fun at dance class!
    Your Sister
    P.S. Just a tip-being organized helps you a lot espcially in 6th grader and +

  5. Thanks! I know, I got a reading test back today and I got an A+ or 100%!

  6. Great Job!!!
    and I’m very excited N happy your back to wordpress!

  7. Oh, I get it Clare, N stands for and! That’s creative, just like you!

  8. Yea, that ive known that ab. for and thees also + or & but N is another one. Great job figuring that out.

  9. Thanks!
    Your (twin) sister,

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