Everyone, I’m Back To Blog!

February 16, 2008 at 12:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Hello  – I’m back! It was like torcher not being on mine, and everyone else’s blogs! But I’m back and this week will be jam-backed with fun post and comments! So please keep the views and comments going! Some Riminders: Lizzie, What is your username on webkinz world so I can give you your gift for winning my old contest. I have a new contest and it will finish a week from now, February 23 because my friend, Victoria, is having her B-Day Party and I can talk to her about the winner! Also, this is new news, the Annie Auditions for my school play is on February 26 and the girls who are trying out get to sing the song, Tomorrow! I’m actually very good at singing this song and now I REALLY, REALLY get the part of Annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll make a new post soon!           🙂          🙂



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  1. Hi! Clare, if you see this, tell Lola and Doggie and your friends that I’m back on track on blogging!
    Your Smiling Sister,

    P.S. If no one knows already, I have about two inches longer than shoulder length brown hair and I have brown eyes!

  2. Cool, i jave haor that length and brown eyes to, so we ARE LIEK SIS’S
    and ill tell Lola when i can I’m so happy your back!!

  3. Thanks Clare! You know, I never thought this was true, but some people say that everyone has a twin and you’re mine! Right now, I’ll try to get an AIM acount so we can always talk to each other!
    Your Sis’,

  4. Al right, thats sounds good, hope the aim is going well. and yea we really are twins!

  5. He! He!

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