Lil’ Kinz Dalmation Is Here!

February 16, 2008 at 2:56 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

lil’ kinz Dalmation   – Some people may not know this but there is a Lil’ Kinz Dalmation! It’s not the best webkinz but it is the most spotted one!



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  1. I like it, its cute, I JUST got the shaunzer go to my web site for 2 new posts when u can! its only 8:45 here so its 11:45 there so your probly sleeping

  2. I saw it a lib. too! its small

  3. I know! It’s so small and cute! I REALLY want it! Right now, Clare, it’s Saturday morning, around 10:15 AM!

  4. wow its only 9:08 here A.M. time is sooo diffrent

  5. Yeah!

  6. i saw it today when i went shopping at limited too, it was super small and cute. but there Lil’ kinz are 14.50$ rip offf!! I also so the lil bull frog it was cute to. other new ones there included: Himalyn, Duck, and grey horse and vevlet elephant

  7. But you got the shaunzer, right? I saw it on your blog! Lil’ Kinz webkinz in Delaware are-$12 and something cents! Webkinz are-$15 and something cents!

  8. Yes i did get it. and usally Lil kinz here are 12$ expect for Limited too of course. and rWebkizn are about 15$ her also, pretty close your prices. at Limited Webkinz are 16.50$ but there Lil’ kinz are the buggest rip off, they charge you a Webkinz price for a Lil’ Kinz, i dont get ANY Lil’ kinz there, and I never will!

  9. I know, Limited 2 is a VERY expensive place to by stuff at but before the kangaroo, shaunzer, himalyn and the other newest webkinz were announced on Webkinz World, Limited 2 had them!!!!!!!

  10. I know Limited gets them all in very quick. I get a lot of clothes there, espcialy there swim suits, i love them there!!

  11. I just love the Lil’ Kinz Dalmatian its cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. I know! Hey, Victoria! Do you have that webkinz or lil’ kinz? I don’t think you do! OMG! I’ll give it to you for————– Opps! I said to much all ready! 🙂 🙂

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