Happy Presidents Day Everyone!

February 18, 2008 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Presidents DAy  -Happy Presidents Day Everyone!!!!!!!!! What is your favorite president???? Mine is Abraham Lincoln! Just wanted to say, thanx for commenting everyone and today, do something special to celebrate Presidents Day!



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  1. No school!!!

  2. Yey!!!!!!!!!!I’ll blog all day if I have to! LOL!

  3. Same here!

  4. Yay Have a great day!

  5. Same to you Kathleen! And I have the same e-mail as Lola cause I don’t want to say it in public!

  6. Yeah, if you did say your e-mail in public then you willl get, like, a million e-mails from your fans every day!

  7. And please check out my Quizzes page! Thanks!

  8. I did your quiz!

  9. Lollipop,
    I was talking to Miley Cyrus. Hi! What’s up?
    Your Sis’,
    Cotton Candy

  10. Happy Presidents Day to you to my favorite president is George Washington

  11. I think I know why! He’s birthday is the same as your’s!

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