Happy Birthday Reed!

February 20, 2008 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Happy Birthday  

Happy Birthday Reed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, February 20th, is my brother’s birthday, Reed!!!!!!!

Reed has his 16th B-Day today!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’ll get his licence to drive me to the mall!!!!!!!!!

Yey!!!!!!! I also get cake!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole week, there’ll be a lot of birthdays!!!!!!!

Do you guys like the sparkly pic? I can’t wait until my 16th B-Day!!!!!!




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  1. Congrates to your brother. Did he have a cool B-day?

  2. Yeah! He got a bedroom set! Anew bed and dresser and mirror and everything! Right now he’s at a state swim meet!

  3. Congrats Reed, hey, i have a neighbor named Reed lol well i hope you like your/his cake! The picture is just adorable…..have fun celelbrating…it was great when Jason was 16, we threw him a surprise party and our whole family came out. It was nice.
    have a awesome day

  4. Guess What! My brother is at his swim meet until,like, 11:00 PM(8:00 PM in California) So…..I have to wait until then to get CAKE! Today, when I had time, I wrote with my feet in the snow, “Happy B-Day Reed” and “Reed Is 16” It was so much fun! But that’s cool Clare(Lollipop), we both have two older brothers!
    Cotton Candy

  5. wow thats cool what u did with the snow…….yea…how unsaul i mean we even have 2 brothers! and so many other similarites!

  6. Yeah, it’s unusual but cool!

  7. Yep! Thats 4 sure! 😉

  8. :] LOL!
    Cotton Candy

  9. Hehe 😀

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