February 21, 2008 at 3:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments


Dear everyone,

Go to and create a gmail account! I have an account! At gmail, it is just like e-mail and AIM! So please check it out! What is everyone’s account? Mine is:

Add me! Thank you!



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  1. you are right i have gmail too

  2. Cool! What is it????????

  3. Yea i e-mailed you! I’m SOOOO excited u got an account….now we can chat more!!! Feel free to ask me any questions!
    Your Sis!

  4. So you’re my friend on gmail now? Cool!
    How many times am I allowed to write to you?
    I’m VERY excited too! I’ll go check your e-mail you gave me!
    Your Sis’,
    Cotton Candy

  5. U can right as much as you’d like!!! I should be added to your friends list ( on the left of the screen) it should say clare. and ill have a green dot next to my name when im online and then u can click on my name and it will give u a option it chat! Hope this helps you, also if u go to ” Help” they answer a lot of questions!

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