Check Out Webkinz World Today!

February 23, 2008 at 5:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
* Okay, today, there are BIG NEWS about webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a new webkinz Wacky Zingo but it isn’t on the cateloge for webkinz, lil’ kinz or webkinz stuff! I think the webkinz Wacky Zingo is cute, but I would only buy it so I can play the new webkinz game, Wacky Zingos Extreme!

* Under the What’s New, there is a NEW RARE WEBKINZ THEME!!!! It’s for the Curio Shop!!!! The new rare webkinz theme is called, Ancient Civilization!!!! I think it’s a pretty neat theme! So keep your eyes on the webkinz Curio Shop everyone!!!!!

I got to go get Victoria’s birthday present! Bye! (Sorry There Is No Pictures! I Couldn’t Find One Of The Webkinz Wacky Zingo Or The Ancient Civilization Theme!)



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  1. watcha get her?? Also, so i love the new theme in the Curio but its sooo expensive!! Save your money, i can afford it i have 58,269 kinzcash and ive decorated all my rooms and thats with adopting 20 webkinz! How much kinz cash do u have Cotton Candy?

  2. I have 23949 Kinz Cash, Lollipop! You have A LOT of money!!!!!!
    Go to your gmail, I have to go to her party at 4:00 PM so I’ll tell you what I got her(not the Lil’ Kinz Dalmation)!

  3. Ya i know i have a ton! Ill check my g-mail again!

  4. K!

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