Ice Skating Show

March 1, 2008 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Kimmie Meisner  -Kimmie Meissner!

Shaun Rogers  – Shaun Rogers!

These are 2 of the MANY iceskaters that I saw at the Iceskating Show I saw at the University Of Delaware! Kimmie Meissner is known as 2006 World Champion & 2008 World Team Member! You may not have heard of Shaun Rogers who is a 2008 National Team Member! This show is going to be on T.V. but I don’t know which channel! I got Kimmie’s autograph and talked to her! I’m a HUGE fan! I also took a lot of pictures but I didn’t put them up here yet! I’ll try to scan the pictures I took soon and put them on this blog! I had a blast!



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  1. awesome!

  2. Yep! It’s so cool because they are really good and great olypmic and world iceskaters are from Delaware!

  3. thats cool! 😀

  4. Yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Im very sorry i haven’t been on your blog much today. I was sooo busy! horse back rding, playing with friends and home work. I hope u understand. Have a nice night.

  6. I’ll always understand!
    Cotton Candy
    P.S. Check your gmail!

  7. Thanks 🙂 your a really great aweosme sweeeet truly fablous friend! Also i just did..i replied!

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