All New Webkinz Stuff

March 7, 2008 at 12:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

sherbert bunnyblack friesian  – Retired webkinz! The webkinz love frog replaced the webkinz love puppy! Even the black friesian is retired! So is the new yellow lab and the webkinz duck replaced the sherbert bunny! Retired!

Okay, in the webkinz cateloge you’ll see that the webkinz bengal tiger and the webkinz tiger snake are released! The bengal tiger: Special Item: Rock Ledge Bed Special Food: Gaur Garbour The tiger snake: Special Item: Serpentine Stream Special Food: Eel Enchilada

There is even a NEW WEBKINZ ROOM THEME!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s called Pretty In PInk but not all of the furuniture is out yet! It’s a CUTE theme!

Remember the new Wish Token? You can get it with the webkinz POTM bag! Well…there is a new place you can go to wish on your Wish Token! It’s called the Wish Factory hosted by Amanda Panda! You can trade in your Wish Token for ANY exclusive item! Yey!!!!!!

Even better, you don’t have to get the POTM to get a Wish Token! You can spin the Wheel Of Wishes! That’s right, this wheel is on the Daily Activitys page and you can win anything…even a Wish Token!!!!!!!!!!

So check out Webkinz World today to learn more about all of this new information!

That’s all for now!



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  2. sweeeet! I am DIEING for a tiger snake..Im going to get one with the money my g-ma have me 4 a super report card! I’m soo excited!! 😀 I also like the bengal tiger!


  4. I LOVE all of the new webkinz!!!!!!!!!

  5. i got a snake yay! well gtg..goign to the fashion show! 😀 bye everyone!!!

  6. Bye!

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