I’m Back!!!!

March 29, 2008 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Daytona Beach

HEY YA’LL! I’m back from Daytona!!!!!!!! The pic above is of Daytona Beach!!!!!!! *Please read all!

Hey, everyone! At Florida I had a big blast! I stayed at a huge home with a huge porch that we rented ! There was a local pool and hot tub so it was VERY relaxing! I didn’t go to Disney World or Sea world but I did a bunch of other stuff! I Go-Karted, played mini golf, batted at a batting cage, played Lazer Tag, Rock Climbed (!!!!!!!!), and even saw a movie called Horton Hears A Who! Oh Yeah, and went to Daytona Beach, of course! I even went on the board walk there! It was awesome!

At Daytona, there wasn’t a computer!      😦            😦                But I still had a great time…except at the end…I was at the beach on Thursday and a gigantic wave pushed me under the water for a long time…and I just learned today from the doctor that I have swimmers ear! ;(             I’m A-OK, it is just that my right ear is aching badly!

Yeah, I made a mistake. We traveled to Daytona for 15 hours! It was a drag but we survived by waking up and leaving home at 3:00 AM in the morning! I hope everyone is having a great time! I’ll soon make a new Quiz, Contest, and Poll!!!! All very fun and hard ones! I’ll make them as soon as I can! Right now I’m playing with my friend Kathryn! See ya’! 



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  1. wow sounds like fun! I have family their! Ive been there but not to daytona. Aww swimmers ear sucks!! Im glad your all better! 😀 i just got bakc from Palm Springs today- No comp. either. We all undertand! 🙂 Well hope 2 c u at my blog and here! Bye Bye!


  2. Kathleen, I love daytona! the boardwalk is sooo cool! right? did you go to one of the ink shops? Did you see the TALL TALL (VEARY TALL) hotel? its right on daytona beach(not ON IT but you know, by it)
    its called “Ocean walk resort”

  3. Lola,
    I love Daytona,2! 🙂 Right the board walk is huge and neat and cool and very long! I didn’t go to an ink shop but I did go to all these types of shops with assecories and clothing! I DID see that very tall hotel!!!!! It looked cool! Did you ever go to Ocean walk resort before? If so, your soooooo lucky!!!!!!!

  4. ya I just went there!!! Did you go on that sky lift thing there???? right by the board walk.

  5. Yep! That thing was like a mile high!!!!!!!! OMG! It was so big! It looked scary to go on!

  6. Oh Iknow! I was sooo… uh! Its was freaky! I had my shoes off! did you?

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