Monday Info.

March 31, 2008 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Monday  I don’t do Mondays! lol! But the picture is so sad and cute!

I had a “merry” Monday! I got 2 100% aka A+’s! How is your Monday goin’?

I have dance 2 day so I won’t be blogging much and I have play practice right after school
tomorrow so I’ll be a bit busy but I’ll try to post a lot and comment!



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  1. I don’t do mondays either its so tiring. the puppy does look so cute 😛

  2. Mondays suckkkkkk ( the part at scool
    0 but then after i go to art with my BFF!!! :p that is what i like but then i have homework to do….and 4 more days of school!!! :p ehhh…booooo mondays!! Yea its thursday night sooo tommrow is friday! YAY Fridays!

  3. Thanxxxx guys 4 commenting!
    get Kathryn, James, and your other BFF’s to comment on my blog! Duh! Monday’s are very tiring! The puppy is sooooooo cute, 😉
    Yeah, when I wake up on Monday I’m like, “School…..” “UGGGGGHHHH!”
    It’s friday……YAY!

  4. got it 😛

  5. Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

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