Freaky, Bright Webkinz Logo

April 2, 2008 at 11:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

webkinz logo  coolio!



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  1. Kathleen your rigt it is coolio 😛

  2. I just love the bright colors 😛

  3. wow thats soooo awesomeness! Where did u find it?

  4. Yeahhhhhhhhh. It’s coolio, with bright colors, and sooooo awesomeness!
    I found it on google, I 4got what I wrote but it was something like webkinz, new webkinz, or webkinz logo!

  5. who doesn’t think it is coolio! 😛

  6. Good Question!

  7. LOL!!!!!!!!

  8. New Webkinz Games…

    Found an interesting search engine for kids. Might help if you look for toys, games, cheats, tips, news or even auctions for favourite toys like Webkinz, ToyRUs, Brio, Fisher-Price and so on……

  9. I KNOW HOW 2 DO THAT!!!!!!!! Go to google, seach webkinz logo on images, put the logo on paint, go to the star on paint, and you color over it! I just did it 5 minutes ago!

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