Where Is Everyone?

April 3, 2008 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Wher Is Everyone? pup

Not to be mean BUT…………..

PLEASE pick up the pace! On commenting!

Views are not looking good and from my latest post’s, not many, or none, people

Please tell me, AM I doing something wrong?

Please explain, I don’t like it when not many people comment……………………..

…………….      😦                     😦



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  1. don’t worry Kathleen i will try to comment as much as i can 😛

  2. im really sorry..Just back from palm springs sooo mcuh home work including PREPARING ( MAKING SCRIPT, MASK, AND COSTUME for a skit! Ive been really sorry…but i have been apoligizing on my blog to everyone for not commenting. 3rd tri mester is now, and the teachers r preparing for 7th grade…by giving out more quizes, progects, tests and HOMEWORK. I ALSO have stuff almost everyday after school: Monday- art class Tuesday- Hebrew tutor wed- my ONLY OPEN DAY OF THE WEEK Thursday- Hebrew class fri- Girl scouts or playdates/sleepovers Sat.- horse back riding and on the weekedn i try to spend some time with my fmaily cuz my dad is an account so he duzn’t get back til’ midnight or LATER every night! Please go to my blog i did a new sorry letter. I really hope you understand! Im so busy and i love this blog sooo much! Your my sis’ 2!


  3. Lollipop,
    I forgive you, of course! I know how it feels to have loads of homework and schoolwork on your sleeve! I’m glad you explained, you’re a true BFF and Sister! Thanks! I’ll check out your blog to see the sorry letter you wrote, soon!
    I won’t worry! 🙂 🙂
    P.S. Clare aka Lollipop, you wrote that you were c. C.! LOL! Confusing day?

    Cotton Candy
    P.S. (again, 2 Clare) How do you make that heart sign?

  4. Thank you C.C. you always understand! and er..i called me c.C. agian- yesterday i was so rushes lol i guess i didn’t think. Well today I havent been busy at all! What a relief!

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