Do You Guys Like This Blog Anymore?

April 18, 2008 at 12:04 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments



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  1. yes! this is the best blog in the world 😛

  2. OF COURSE I ♥♥♥ IT!!!!!!

  3. Thanks, Victoria and Clare! (Ladybug and Lollipop) But you 2 ALWAYS comment on my blog, which is wonderful but not a lot of other people do, which disappoints me!

  4. sorry Kathleen! I completely forgot to visit ur blog this week! It gets sooo hard cuz everyone wants me to comment on their blogs and I don’t always have as much time! Sorry!

  5. It sorta is losing webkinz

  6. Dogggie,
    I forgive you! I understand how hard it is to comment on peoples blogs’ when you’re busy! I’m like that, too! So I totally understand!
    What do you mean that my blog is losing webkinz? I try to give as MUCH information about webkinz as I can, but, you know, Clare always gets the latest webkinz news first, and the pictures (which I can NEVER find!), and I don’t want to copy her ideas…….

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