Taylor Swift Is A GREAT SINGER

April 19, 2008 at 9:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

     My fav. Taylor Swift Songs: Teardrops On My Guitar,

Our Song, and Invisible, oh, and also Fearless!



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  1. oh yay she rules

  2. yay, she rules! What is your favorite song by her?


  4. Oh yeah, that song is cool, too, Lola!!!!!!!

  5. Do U know Lola in real life kathleen??? WE DO! SHE IS OUR COUISON!!!!!!!!!!! Go to lola’s site

  6. Maddy and Hannah,
    No, I don’t know Lola in real life, I wish I did though! Cool, she’s your cousin! I love her blog and I’ll go to your guys’ blog today, I’ll add you to my blog roll, too, if you want!

  7. Go to my site to here me sing kathleen! Maddy and hannah, U already heared me sing!

  8. I heard you sing, I commented on it too

  9. ♥ teardrops on my gutair.

  10. It’s a sad song yet I ❤ it! How do you make that heart sign, Clare? It’s coolio!

  11. I love your blog

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