Lil’ Kinz Black Poodle Coming In May

April 30, 2008 at 12:17 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments


Lil Kinz Black Poodle

Th lil’ kinz black poodle is coming out in May or maybe in June!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

P.S. There is also going to be a webkinz pink googles (like I predicted from a long time ago on my blog) and a brown bear (like the black bear) but that won’t come out until summer, July or possibly later!



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  1. i cant wait 4 the pink googles! and really a brown bear? Ive been waiting for a new bear!

  2. I’ll practically die if I don’t get the pink googles!!!!!!!!! (Lol, not really but I’m very excited!) Plus, Yep! I have been waiting for a new webkinz bear for a while, too!

  3. LOL 😆 My pink googles will be Brewster ( my googles) wife! and u need

    a lil google and muh-lah a google fmaily! 😉 LOL 😆

    I CANT wait to c the brown bear pic!

  4. good idea! Need 2 get lil’ kinz googles and pink googles! yet, I have a googles, Computer, that’s a girl so the webkinz pink googles would be a boy! Lol! Just imagine!
    I can’t wait 2 see the brown bears picture!!!!!!!!

  5. Its out know!

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