Webkinz Day Gift! Happy Webkinz Day!

April 30, 2008 at 12:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments



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  1. yay! Happy wekbinz day! I ♥ the box the card and of course the gifts! The card is cool 8) cuz its animated! 😉

  2. Happy W day!!!! LOL!

  3. Clare,
    I know!!!!!!! I LOVE the animated card! It’s so cute and funny! I put my Webkinz Day 2008 Group Picture and Webkinz DAy 2008 Trophy in Nosey’s bedroom! (Nosey, my first webkinz, a polar bear.) Since this is my first year celebrating Webkinz Day…I thought I would also give Nosey my Webkinz DAy Cake 2008!
    Lola, …Happy W Day!!!!!!!

  4. COOL sista! I put the group pix in the Kitchen where all my webbies can enjoy it! my trophy is in the living room, where once again they all can go to see it! My cake….is still in my dock!

  5. coolio! Creative idea, putting the pix in the Kitchen and your trophy in your living room! Sweet!

  6. I loved spinning the super weel 🙂

  7. Me 2!

  8. i got a golf cart,the bed,and money 🙂

  9. The golf cart is sooooooo cool…but I gave mine 2 James!

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