What Song?

April 30, 2008 at 11:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

What song should I sing in a video to show you all? I have a youtube account so I can out videos on youtube…and you can see them! Only Aly and AJ songs…for my first video!

Aly and AJ Songs Chooses:

1. Something More

2. Out Of The Blue

3. No One

4. Slow Down

5. Protecting  Me

6. Walking On Sunshine                                   Or

7. Do You Believe In Magic!

Which one do you want me to sing?




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  1. hmmmmmm….I think…..#7!
    Please go to my blog! New pixs. on horses! me riding Star + info on Joe!

  2. #7!!!!
    Um, wats ur youtube username???

  3. walking on sunshine!

  4. 7!!!!!!!!

  5. CDShow4EVER, Amanda, that’s my youtube username!
    L., I’ll go…RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for commenting and answering my question, everyone!

  6. kool! I sent u a friend request!

  7. K! I’ll check it out soon!

  8. I have to say #7

  9. It looks like #7 is the winner!
    Do YOU Believe In Magic?

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