Got Injured-Please Read

May 7, 2008 at 10:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Yesturday, Tuesday, I got injured.

I was playing another one of my softball games and there was this really fast pitcher that I had to bat to. I got 2 strikes…a foul twice and then…the pitcher pitched the very fast softball into my left leg! It made a noise and hit my bones in my leg. I just stood there and that was an automatic walk…so I limped over to first base. I got a runner for me so I could sit out. The coach gave me ice and I stayed out for the next time when we were fielding and then the game was over. We lost by like 2 points.

so, today, I still can’t get all my weight on my left leg because it will really hurt badly if I did. I still sort of limp, trying to keep all my weight on my right leg, and it is red and I swear that I could see where the ball hit me, like the circle of the ball! I don’t know if it got sprained or what…I was only the second person to hit a ball from that scary and fast pitcher, the first person was like the best on the team!

So I’m very sorry and rueful if I haven’t commented on everybodies blogs.




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  1. GET BETTA SOON. Don’t say sorry. its not ur falt

  2. omg im sooo sorry sita! UI hope you feel better!!! i broke my pinkie finger by a picthing machine it wasnt aimed write and it was so those yellow balls and was going fast and it broke my finger! :9
    i hope your leg is better real soon! I am so sorry and my sympathy is for you. I really hope you DO feel better soon!

  3. Hannah,
    Thanks for the support!
    Thank you! Is your pinkie finger OK from the pitching machine, now, or do you still have a cast on it? I got hit by those yellow balls, too!
    I hope so too that my leg feels much better! Thanks for the sympathy!

  4. K- Oh yeah! my finger was hurt aobut a yeare ago! I hate those yellow balls! Ur leg will be all better, soon i hoe! :0
    please go to my blog, i did a whole post and poems/verses 4 u!
    ♥ yah!

  5. katlheen- the psot i amde for you, u got many comments 🙂
    its not gonna be the top post now cuz im making a new one, but when u feel better nad go to my blog, scroll down and youll see it! it may be on the next page!
    well ttyl, hope ur feelin’ better!


  6. does it still hurt???? hope not see you soon!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Clare,
    Hate yellow balls! It’s weird: Why do they call them softballs if they definetely aren’t soft, when baseballs are much harder! Thanks for the symphony! I saw the post and poems about me, I really appreciate it! I saw it and I commented on your latest posts! Thank you! Yeah, and Im shocked by all the comments that PPL wrote to me to feel better! It made me smile!
    Kathryn, Yes, it still hurts, sadly! 😦 😦

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