Pic. Of Me When I Had Long Hair N More!

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– Everyone,

the pic. of me above was at the beginning of the school year when I had long hair, I cut it! Yeah so here’s a quick poll:

Do I look prettier with long hair or with short hair (pic from older post)? Please answer! Thank you!


I’m making 2 New Pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are:           1. My Family             2. My Friends! Can’t wait until I finish making them!!!!!!!!! Which Page are you more excited to see? Please Answer!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for commenting! ♥♥♥♥ comments!






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  1. ur sooo pretty, i ♥ both of ur hair! there both GREAT! and i CANT wait for these new pages , im so excited for both!
    too bad i cant see them til’ Friday unless u make them tonight!

  2. kathleen why isn’t it long any more. you say i look good in long hair didn’t you like it on you?

  3. oh forgot. i think you look better with long hair.more excited to see the one about friend i would be in it 😛

  4. Clare,
    Hey, I went on gmail for like a half an hour then I had to go to dinner so I didn’t have another chance to chat with you! So sorry! I’m glad that your excited…so am I! Thanks for the compliment about me again! Miss u!
    My hair isn’t long anymore becuase I wanted to cut it! I thought it would look pretty! Lol! Thanks for voting on the mini-poll and this post!

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