Pictures of Me

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  1. ur soo pretty i sent u a new 1!

  2. OK, I’ll check! Thanks for saying I’m so pretty! Lol! Really? I don’t see that in me a lot! Thank you so much for the compliment!

  3. whoa! ur pretty! And how old are you?m You look like your at least 13!

  4. Thank you, Amanda! I’m only 11! Turning 12 on June 8th! Yeah, I look old for my age!

  5. what grade are u in?

  6. so thats what your room looks like i should go over some time 🙂

  7. Amanda,
    I’m in 5th grade but I’m supposed to be in 6th grade, long story! I’ll explain later!
    Yeah, but that’s only a bit of my room! Yeah, I didn’t clean it either! Lol!

  8. U look WAY older then 11!

  9. show us a TOUR OF YOU HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks, Hannah! I’ll make a Tour Of My House page soon, too…but I don’t have pictures of all of my house!

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