I miss you sooooooooo BADLY, Clare!

May 15, 2008 at 11:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments


I always cry when I think about you! Like, I feel this connection through our twin minds and you saying that the food is a little suckish…or maybe a lot! Also, you got paired up with most of your friends in a cabin and your having a great time! I hope my connection was correct! I miss you sooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until you tell me about the outdoor ed! We all miss you!

Love (times a million),




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  1. No one reads post only about clare

  2. yeah, Kathleen, I think everyone else is a little insulted about what you’ve been doing for Clare. Nearly every post is about her! I’m feeling left out and Clare is our friend too!

  3. ya.

  4. u guys, let kathleen do wht she wants- ITS HER BLOG i would relly miss her 2! i mean even if any of u were gone I WOULD DO THE SAME. we all r sisters!

    i8 thought of u all the time Kathleen! all the time! and the food sucked all it was MYSTERY MEAT! EWW!!! At dinenr all i ate was a roll! i went to lunch with my mom right when i got back to schol and stuffed myself! the food was DISTGUSITNG

  5. SORRY I CLICKED COMMENT BUT HERES THE REST OF MY comment just like i knew it. ur connection was totally 100% right! i got with Danni and Jordan and this other girl Esfinia and Rachel and i was so glad! ur a genius- all ur connections were connected! wer R twins! GO TWIN POWER!
    i missed u sooooooooooo much! see my blog, 4 a post!
    β™₯ ya and glad 2 BE back!

  6. STOP IT AMANDA AND HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really, I did NOT mean to hurt your feelings in any way at all! We all missed Clare! I would do the same if you left for a while! I’m very sorry if I hurt your feelings in any way, I didn’t mean to offend you! I truly hope you forgive me! I’m SOOOO SORRY! Now I’m offended for you saying that I insulted everyone on my blog…….I try not to do anything ever like that!

  7. Clare,
    I thought of you all the time, 2! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Eww, mystery meat! I hope you are OK with not eating the food that sucked at outdoor ed! Lol! Really, stuffed? I would do the same thing, also! Things have been pretty tough here without you! I took all these major tests and a science project that included making a diarama and a long essay! I wish you were here to support me, but I know you always will!
    Yes!!!!! Connections by twin minds is sooooo cool! Lol! πŸ˜‰ I’m happy 4 u to be in a cabin with some of your friends! I don’t think I’m exactly a genuis…it’s just twin power! πŸ˜‰ I saw your post, sounded like you had a a wonderful and adventurous time! did you bring a diary to write in to remember all that happened on outdoor ed?
    Well, I missed you deeply and dearly! School is almost over, 13 more days at my school!!!!!!! Then we can blog and chat all weekend, along with Amanda, Hannah and all the rest of the PPL that comment on our blogs!
    P.S. Keep up the awesome work with your blog!

  8. Clare now why are u getting all made at us?

  9. *mad

  10. thanks 4 thinking of me Kathleen!!! yes the food was gross!!!!!!!!!! no one ate the main food. yes i was so full after i went to lunch i ate so much and thne it was my choice 4 dinenr and we went to this EXCELLENT Italian restaurant i got shopped salad and cheese pizza—which ive been CRAVING! I hope you did really well on ur tes and project–i know you ace it!!!! Im sorry things have been tough but i hope its been getting easier! yes i was with my friends and that was a plus u r a genuis well we think exactly the same! thanks 4 checking out my post, and i dont have a diary but every day we had a packet and it had dierecitons and it says like write what u did and descirbe and its being graded 😐
    whoa only 13 more days?>??? i ge tout the 13th of June! i haven’t counted-mmy brain isnt u to math lOL! πŸ˜† i cant wait 4 it to be summer! it soon will be! Im so EXCITED!
    Thanks so much your blog is just totALLY MAGEFICEINT ( srry spelled wrong)
    well cant wait to hear bakc form you, go to my blog for a pic of JOE!
    luv luv luv luv luv,

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