Webkinz Surprises!

May 31, 2008 at 2:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

       – BOTH of these webkinz are RITIRED!!!!!!!!!

There is also new webkinz furniture selling in the Curio Shop! It’s outdoor furniture! So cool!




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  1. ya i know!!! I got ben the B&W dog right when it cmae out! For v-day! he got me the Schaunzer. I wish the B&W dog dont retire. I dont like the Rhino and plus its brand new! C’mon ganz!

  2. Clare,
    I TOTALLY AGREE! I still haven’t logged on my B&W dog yet, saving 4 the last day of school to celebrate! I did NOT at ALL want these 2 webkinz to retire! They’re both so cute and the Rhino is new! Don’t u think Ganz should only retire old webkinz?

  3. Kathleen- yep and oooo cant wait 4 u 2 adopted ur B&W dog! Yes Ganz should retire old ones, cuz if they do new, then kids will be mad, and maybe wont buy webkinz anymore. cuz some kids have to WORK for there webkinz, not get them the FIRST day! Totally unfair to some kids who really really want those 2!

  4. Clare,
    Yay, I’m excited! Idk what room theme my B&W dog should get, tho! I agree all the way! Ganz needs to think about that stuff! I wanted the St.Bernard but it retired right whne it came out, before I even got a webkinz username! Plus, the St.Bernard is my FAV. WEBKINZ! I also wanted the peguses but it retired! Totally unfiar, to me and you and everyone else!

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