For Me- 4 More Days Of School

May 31, 2008 at 6:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments


Here’s my last schedule for my last week of school! I get out of school on Thursday! What about ya’ll? (Lol, ya’ll!)

Monday- Ecosystems Test     😦         😦

Tuesday- Lums Pond Field Trip!!!! (Lums Pond is a lake where there is trails and is like a nature park!)

Wednesday- Friendly’s Field Trip!!!!! Have u heard of Friendly’s? Well, it’s a resturant where there is all sorts of food! We have one right near our sschool so we’re walking there and getting free icecream! We get blizzards!!!!!!!!

Thursday- PARTY! Lasy day of school!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. lucky, i have 10! 😦 gOOOD LCUK ON UR TESTS! i HAVE AN iDIA QUIZ MONDAY BUT I Might miss it cuz im sick!

  2. WOW, 10! Aww, Clare! I feel bad for you! I hope you came come 2 school on Monday! Wish you feel better as soon as possible!
    Love (That I hope will make u feel better),

  3. I am already out of school!!!!!!

  4. Seriously? OMG! That’s so cool Hannah!

  5. ya, Kathleen 10, but it goes by fast! I dont want to go to school Monday actually so i can have MORE time to study for my India quiz! 😉 Thanks, i hope i do feel better soon, 2!
    ♥ and thanks for the love, it helps, LOL! 😆

  6. Clare,
    Yeah, school goes by fast…sometimes, on the days there isn’t tests! Lol!

  7. yeah i am gonna miss the friendlys walk and we get friendzee’s or however u spell it not blizzards because blizzards r from dq and also our teacher is bringing in her really smart african gray parrot on the last day of school and im gonnamiss it all!!!!! 😦

  8. Kristen,
    I feel SO bad 4 u, I wish you could have stayed in school the last 2 days! Yeah, I made a mistake! It waz suppossed 2 b friendzee’s…Aren’t they like blizzards but just from Friendly’s? Lol! CONFUSED! My teacher will probably bring in a moose on the last day of school because she LOVESSSSSSSS moose! JK!

  9. ha!! that would be funny if she did though, and i think that friendzees r like blizzards but i remember having one a log time ago and it had like reeses peanut butter cups in it and it was REALLY GOOD!!! but i could never finish it…..

  10. Kristen,
    YAYYYYY! I just went 2 Friendly’s today and got a soft serve ice cream cone! Yeah, friendzees are like blizzards only more delicous! I’m going to get an Oreo Friendzee, how about u? Lets face it, having a Friendly’s SO close to school is SWEEEEEET! (LOL!)

  11. Yay for us 🙂

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