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Everyone, Hannah has been realy upset because not a lot of people have been commenting on her blog so please goon her blog and comment, iit will make a smile on Hannah’s face! Her site is:





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  1. i go EVERYDAY πŸ˜€
    CC, go to my blog 4 A SAD DEATH πŸ˜₯

  2. its ok

  3. Clare,
    Ok, I’ll go…a death? SO SAD….
    Hannah, Thank u 4 forgiving me, it means the world 2 me!

  4. Clare,
    Aww…I feel so bad for you, Clare! Rainbow loves you and you’ll get to see him in heaven when you die…(Which I hope won’t happen soon!!!!) But I’m glad your staying tough with the deaht of Rainbow and of your friends cat and of you getting sick! You’re tough, Clare, and you care so much about animals! Check out your blog to see my long comment!

  5. Kathleen- I β™₯ Rainbow sooo much back, I wish he wasnt gone! I am trieing to slowly get over it, because on the bright side, I am getting a new fish or at least looking tonight! And Simon he HAS to be put down- he has no cure. I am crieing over that——-he is such a sweetie! Animals are my β™₯ and it hurts me so much when any animal dies even a tiny little goldfish. I β™₯ any animal. I saw ur comment, and replied.
    Thank you for your sympathy, i truly appreciate it.
    β™₯ u

  6. Clare,
    Poor you! I feel so bad, that Rainbow died and that Simon has to be put down…but it’s a good thing that you might get a new fish! I β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ animals, even the tiniest ones, too! Your welcome, I care so much about your feelings…
    Love u,

  7. I will try hannah πŸ™‚

  8. thanks, Vicky!

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