Winners 4 My Contest-Good Job Everyone

June 6, 2008 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Clare and Victoria,

You both will recieve webkinz black & white cheeky dog food and a little gift!!!!!!!


OMG! You guys entered SO quickly! Thank you all 4 entering! I mean, I could barely decide which webkinz room theme to choose!!!!! But the webkinz room theme waz the Magical Wizard Room Theme! Hope everyone gets a chance to win on a future contest OR in my webkinz giveaway coming on June 8th!!!!!


COOLLLLL! It waz like twin power AGAIN!!!!! You new what was in my mind about making the webkinz magical wizard room theme! And you ONLY did ONE guess! WOW!       🙂               🙂

L.O.L (Lots Of Love),




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  1. awesome! Thanks sister!!YAYY!! i wil do my very very very very bets to enter the giveaway on SUnday! YAYAY!!!!
    we ARE twins!

  2. OMG! Thanks for supporting me! Lol, Go Kathleen! More like Go Clare!!!!! Congrates…again…and thanks for the doonations for my giveaway! Can’t wait!!!

  3. cool! 🙂

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