Sad Poem

June 7, 2008 at 3:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

All along,

I’ve felt like I didn’t belong…

Inside I’ve been bleeding,

even though I just want to be healing…

You might think that I’m happy,

but inside I’m not in the mood to party…

People don’t understand,

that I can’t make a stand,

feeling like the only one on land…

I’m sick of being so left out,

even when I want to shout,

“I’m not happy with my life!”

It’s so sad,

that I never had,

a chance to be glad,

and just be me…

I feel out of place,

burning in the face…

No one understands me,

that they don’t see,

the true good person that is me…

I want to run away,

to be happy if  I may,

if I can…

Tears fall,

as I saw,

I didn’t like to be feeling small…

You don’t know what it’s like,

to fight,

the battles I face…

I feel like I have no friend,

that will lend a hand…

Or someone who will understand….

It’s like my world is falling apart,

starting from the heart…





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  1. Kathleen, that is seriously not true, i’m your friend and so is James and victoria so you arn’t alone. DON’t WORRY!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. awww! poor you! dont wory! im your friend! and btw, you are a very talented peot! i can definetly tell that came form your heart! im here! for ya! i will always be your friend and dont you forget it! you are a great person, so who coudnt be your friend! you are creative, smart, kind, just to rap it up.. an all over AWESOME person! you are NOT alone! im sure youve got lots of freinds out there! come on! lift your spirits! after all, you are cotton candy, doesnt cotton candy make you smile! if you cant make yourself smile, how are you gonna make others happy! so lift your spirits and be more positive!

  3. kathryn,
    Yeah, I know that’s true but you all just talk to each other, leaving me out of the fun and remember 2day when Victoria ignored me for no reason? It’s like you guys don’t like me anymore!
    Thank you for the encouragement! I know your a friend I can count on, it’s just a weird feeling that is hard to explain! I do my best to keep up with my life, I do soccer, softball, swim team, iceskating, girlscouts, dance, chello and soooo much more, it’s just tough! OMG! Thank you SO MUCH for the compliments! No one ever sees the real me though, just because I don’t wear the latest style or cool hair they think they can just ditch on me! It’s not fair! Cotton candy DOES make me smile 🙂 🙂 ,
    but…I think I try to make other people smile and happy instead of me, which downs my spirits! I guess I need some time alone to appreciate me! Thanks so very much for being a great friend!!!!

  4. hope you figure out a way to balance your life!

  5. what i do is to lift my spirits up is let go, be free! ppl may call me crazy and wierd, but i dont care! that is only their opinion! you have your own opinion too! each and every single indivual have a different personality! i can still remember the days i used to go around he school sing a buch of crazy koo koo songs! with funny dances! in fact, my friends and i made up a new song this week! we like to sing it while dancing around our teachers! last time we did it to mrs. bass, she just ran away afterwards! here are the lyrics: stay on the sunny side stay on the sunny side stay on the sunny side of life 2 3 4 youll feel no pain as we drive you insane if you stay on the the sunny side of life! also, dont stress yourself out over that stuff! you got enjoy bieng a kid while it lasts! if you spend all your time stressing, what kind of memories will you have of your hobbies??

  6. H.P./K.K.,
    Thanks, again, and again, and again, and again…AND AGAIN!!! Yeah, I’m crazy and SUPER weird, that’s why I named this blog krazykk! Yeah, I know about being different and I know how it feels, so I will hang loose today! This whole summer!!!!! He he hahahah! Love that song, I’ll sing it all the time now! I’ll relax like CRAZY this summer! Go kids! Thanks for the advice and awesome song!
    Cotton Candy

  7. I am going to copy this poem on my blog but saying that YOU wrote it! Here is MY versoin:
    You may think that that I am happy
    But inside I’m not in the mood to party.
    Inside I’ve been bleeding
    Even though I wish I could be healing.
    My life is falling apart
    Starting at the heart…..
    All along,
    I’ve felt like I don’t belong.
    People can’t understand
    That I can’t leave land.
    I’ve wanted to be known as the girl
    Who always smiled even when she was sad.
    I wanted you to be my friend
    Someone I could care about and understand.
    I wanted to be happy all the time
    But I guess I failed.
    I’ve never had
    A chance to be glad.
    I’ve been out of place
    Yelled at in the face
    No one can see
    The good girl within me
    I wish that I could run away.
    Be happy if I may.
    I’m not afraid to let those tears fall
    Even when I saw
    You ignoring me
    Ganging up on me.

  8. CC- wow, thats the best poem i have read ever! U r a PROFESNIEL poet! I am so sorry you are sad. I hope your birthday cheered you up. I hope everything is better. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer ( you have a lot of it still!) and if there is ANYTHING u need me 2 do, let me know! Thanks and luv ya!

  9. L.,
    Thank you very much! 🙂 🙂 My birthday DID cheer me up! I got everything that I wanted! I was surprised of how well it went! I’ll enjoy the rest of my summer so much! Just one thing, Can you help me with the Summer Reading Log that the teachers give you to do over the summer? Any advice on how to survive it and do well on it? Thanks!
    Cotton Candy

  10. I wasn’t ignoring you. I promis i wasn’t. why would i ignore the birthday girl?

  11. but you were ignoring me at dress rehearsal!

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