My New Webkinz

June 9, 2008 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

– Aerobob (Boy)

– Phoenix (Boy)

– Caramel (Girl)

I got 3 webkinz 4 my B-day, all from my friends! Remember in a REALLY early post where I said I wanted 2 webkinz Pintos named Caramel and Phoenix? Well, yesturday I got those 2 webkinz Pintos!!!!!!! I also got a webkinz pig that I named Aerobob, weird, huh? I named my webkinz pig Aerobob because my friend, Erin, also gave me an Aeropastal gift card with Caramel so that’s where I got the Aero part from! Then the bob part is just an extra cool part! Lol!

Erin- Got me Caramel (Girl Pinto) and an Aeropastal gift card!

Kathryn- Got me Phoenix (Boy Pinto) and 2 movie tickets and webkinz trading cards!

Jade- Got me Aerobob (Boy Pig) and a cute purse/bag!

James- Got me a Taylor Swift CD and a shell necklace!

Victoria- Khol’s gift card!

Shiloh-  Got me A LOT of accessories! Like bracelets, necklaces and lip balm!

Emily- Got me a Build-A-Bear Koala named Berry!

Katie- Got me a Build-A-Bear Monkey named Coco!

That’s it! The iceskating was super fun! I just wish YOU all were there!





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  1. Kool!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there!

  2. Hannah, Yeah, it was fun, and I REALLY wish you and Amanda and Clare and everyone else was there! Maybe, if I figure out how to, I can post pics. of me and my friends iceskating!

  3. lucky duck!
    Ihave a pinto but not a Big Pig.

  4. 17Starlite, Yeah, it was pretty lucky! Sorry, but maybe 4 your next B-day party, u could get a Big Pig!

  5. cooooolio!!!! welcome ur 3 new webbies!!! Hope u had a great bday!!!!! I have 30 bulid a bears, i used to be obbsed and had my party there 2wice i have more than any1 else i kno!

  6. Clare,
    WOW!!!!!! 30 build a bears! My friends who gave me the build a bears, Emily and Katie have SOOOOO MANY! They have, like, more than 50, I tried counting once, I never got to finish! Lol! I had a great and fun-filled B-Day! WHOAHOO!!!!!!

  7. I’m really glad you had a fun time kathleen! Sorry i had trouble but it was really fun that i think we sould do it again 🙂

  8. Victoria, Thanks! so you did have a fun time? Because you didn’t skate much and I was worried about u! In the end, though, you were good! But, next year, my party is going to be at Lums Pond and we’re going camping!!!

  9. wow nice site been looking around wordpress at the competition i will put a good word for you at other sites

  10. oh yah heres my site you got some good buds

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