All New Webkinz News

June 11, 2008 at 12:16 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments

New Webkinz Game- Get Eleven Solitaire! This game seems cool, even tho I haven’t played it yet! Check it out in the Arcade or in the Tournament Arena!

Retired Webkinz-This month, Ganz is retiring these webkinz:

1. Black and White Cheeky Dog, Rhino, Elephant (This months POTM!), the tiger SNAKE, lepord lizard, and the samoyed!

PLease comment! GTG to CCD!




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  1. i just saw u post this that was so cool

  2. they are retiring them ?

  3. omg! They just put most of those webkinz out and they r retireing them!

  4. 😯 i know. so weierd

  5. i played get 11 solitare it’s sweet. but triple strike is better 😎

  6. that first pic is so cute! where did u get it?

  7. I just played that game and i think its fun πŸ™‚

  8. I luv ur blog! It’s fantastic, wonderful and awsome, JUST LIKE U! ? U show mea how to do all that kind of stuff on my blog jaderockz PS just in case u didn’t get the big pic. AWSOME BLOG! -jaderockz(again for emphasise PSS I don’t really know how to spell emphasise -jaderockz(again again)

  9. Kristen, CCCCCCOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!
    Victoria, I know! Some of those webkinz are brand new and they’re ALREADY retiring them! I bet the game was fun, even though I don’t get how to play it!
    Oh no! GTG! Comment on the rest of you all later! Sorry!

  10. I havent played the new game, and Ganz retired ALL THE NEW WEBKINZ FROM MAY!! NOT FAIR!!!! Its sooooo stupid!! and the POTM- that makes NO SENSE! I have the tiger snake ( Monty) and got awesomeguy the B+W cheeky dog, and he named him Milton ( which it thought of!) well check out my blog, sister!

  11. you have to make the number 11 with the numbers shown πŸ™‚

  12. go 2 my site and c new real pix!!! and comment!

  13. 17Starlite,
    Agreed, Triple Strike is better! πŸ™‚ I got the first pic. from google…umm…type in webkinz or webkinz games, lol, I 4get!
    I tried playing the game, but I didn’t get how to play it, I’ll try again!
    Yay, it’s not smart at ALL that Ganz is retiring all the webkinz in May and the webkinz POTM! They need to give ppl more time to buy the new webkinz before they actually retire them! I’m disappointed that I didn’t get 2 buy the webkinz tiger snake yet, and it’s going to retire! 😦
    Oh, and I’ll check out your blog as soon as I can!
    Cool, new pix, I’ll check them out and comment!

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