Dance Recital 2Day!

June 14, 2008 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments


I have a dance recital 2day! It’s a very big event and my family is coming to watch me dance! I worked all year for this and now I’m dancing in front of a big audience on a High School stage! This is my 6th year dancing and I’m in the middle front row in the dance recital so it’s big 4 me! The recital is all day, so I can’t update or comment on anyone’s blogs! Sorry! Have a great day on whatever your doing, tho! Bye!





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  1. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! At my dance recitals,its not on our high school stage, its in a big big big place. over 1,000 seats!

  2. good luck, eventho u dont need it!! U rock Kathleen! Go to my blog to be added to the “list”

  3. good luck! I hope u do well! I have my dance recital on June 28th and I’m in 4 dance numbers: ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop!!

  4. I loved the recital i did good and you did awsome. I loved your dresses they were pretty 🙂

  5. Hannah, Thanks for the luck! Idk how many seats there are at the High School where I performed, but it definetely was big!
    Lollipop, Lol, thankx! The recital was a blast, even tho I was feeling down at the beginning! Victoria, the other girl that comments on my blog, is my friend and is in the recita,2, even tho we aren’t in the same class! Ok, I’ll go to your blog to be added to the “list”-I wonder what that means?!
    Amanda, thanks! I did do well, even tho I don’t really know because I wasn’t watching me, but I never made a mistake, which is good! Hope YOU do awesome in your recital! I do 3 dances, almost was going to do 4, but wasn’t enough time to learn 4 dances! I did: Lyrical (Type of Ballet), Tap, and a hip hop/jazz/ballet thingy dance that really isn’t a certain type of dance! Lol! I love tap, it’s fun and hip-hop, which I did last year in my last recital, was very fun and hardworking! Ballet is fun, always keep a smile! And jazz…well, is jazzy!
    Victoria, You did better than me, Vicky! My dresses were pretty, thanks, but I didn’t like the top, too showy, you know? I liked the finale dance, it was cool and the song was sweet!

  6. haha yeah jazz is jazzy! when i’m at my recital i’m bring my camera and i’ll take pics with my friends when we’re in our dressing room! (not when we’re changing of course!!!! ewwww!)

  7. 🙂 🙂 I did bring a camera 2 my dance recital! I can’t wait to post pics. up! I can’t wait 2 see your pics. of your costumes!

  8. the finally was a big hit it got my brother going crazy 🙂

  9. seriously? Well, your bro is already a crazy person!

  10. true 🙂

  11. hahahahahahahhahhahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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