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Bad news…today I went to a check-up at the doctors because the doctors need to fill out this sheet for me to go to camp in late July at Camp Grove Point, a camp that I go to every year in Maryland…Anyways, I had to have 3 shots, sadly! I’m 5 foot 2 inches (grew 4 inches from last year) and weigh (Now I think I’m fat)…86 pounds…but, because of my height, the nurse said that, because of my height, the average person my height should weigh 100 pounds…so I’m actually underweight, which is weird, because I feel fat but am underweight…well, I’ll update soon, bye!


Cotton Candy



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  1. sorry that u got shots! hope u feel better! i kno its sore. U r skinny, I am only 4″10 and 80 pounds!!!! U are REALLY thin! please go 2 my blog, for a another death, 1 that i cant get over, its hear-breaking 😥

  2. Yeah, the shots were like 1, 2, 3 OUCH! Lol! I’m used to being called thin…OMG! A death, I NEED to go NOW!!!

  3. sorry that you underweight i mean you don’t look like your underweight

  4. thanks! 😦 😦 So are you saying I’m fat?????? It’s ok, I guess I need to exercise MORE!

  5. NO! your the skinniest person i know

  6. I doubt that

  7. why?

  8. because! You know that, like, Dorothy, Max’s sister is skinnier than me!

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