First Swim Meet and More

June 23, 2008 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

Today I have a MAJOR IMPORTANT swim meet!!!!!! I’m on a swim team and we go against other swim teams which is called a meet! If we win, I’ll tell u! I’m on an eleven and twelve year old part where I swim against otehr swimmers my age and we have to do two laps in the pool, it’s a race! This is my first year doing two laps in a meet! Wish me luck! Thanks!

and, to Clare,

If you are reading this, please comment! Ever since the comments I wrote on your blog, you haven’t beeen coming here and obviously I’m used to having barely any comments and if Ican tough it out, so can you! You may not be used to it, but you’ll have to understand that life isn’t about how many hits and comments you have on your blog and you shouldn’t be sad if you don’t have more than other people! You just have to deal with it, if you like it or not! And it’s no use to just ignore what I’ve been typing to you! Please comment!



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  1. thats sounds like its going to be lots of fun. I hope you do good 🙂

  2. thanks!

  3. me pool is almost done and i can invite you to come swim 🙂

  4. good luck!

  5. Victoria, How many more days to wait until your pool is done? That would be awesome to swim in your pool!!! Can’t wait! Thanks for the invite!
    Hannah, thankxxx!

  6. the pool should be ready on monday but the inspector is coming on wednsday 😦

  7. hope u win!!!!

  8. thanks, kristen!

  9. Good luck on ur swim meet, I know it already happened! u rock Kathleen! Ill know youll do well! Real well!

  10. thanks! My googles broke during the meet right before I was going up to swim and I had to use my brothers!

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