All New Webkinz News- You Got To Read This

June 25, 2008 at 2:19 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

New webkinz coming out in August:

American Albino Caramel Lion  Deer


I thank Clare and for this information! Which future webkinz

is your favorite?

Also, there will be the Series 3 webkinz Trading CArds coming in August!
Above is the new future webkinz figurenes for the new future Series 2 webkinz figurienes coming out in August!
Above is the new future webkinz clothes coming out in August!
  • Bluchetta Grillon
  • Cloyin’ Hoipolloi
  • Misrateru Druppling
  • Pickapakora
  • Spinneretti
  • New webkinz recipes!!!!!!!
    I heard webkinz rumors about the webkinz September POTM! THE SEPTEMBER POTM IS THE BULL FROG!!!!!!   ttyl



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    1. I ♥ the blue jay and the albino and the deer!
      And the POTm Spet- is confirmed—-Bull frog. I saw ur comment on my blog, and it was super long, and i forgive you much, but i dont have time right now 2 respond. Ill try to tomorrow, eventho ill be SUPER busy. Just be aware i saw it.
      Thanks and ♥ u!

    2. i like the deer its a cutie 🙂 awsome i need new cards i also like the figures and the awsome clothes

    3. Here is my list, with first being my fave and the last being my least:
      Fantail goldfish
      Silverback gorilla
      Cocoa dinosoar
      Lil’ kinz blue-jay
      Lil’ kinz lioness
      American albino
      Caramel lion
      Lil’ kinz gecko 😛

    4. Clare, OMG! Thank you for forgiving me! :cry :cry :cry :cry
      And I like the webkinz blue jay, too! I’ve been busy, 2, so I understand! Thank you so, very much!
      Victoria, Yay, the deer is so cute! When my mom saw it, she was like OMG! The deer is super cute! I know you love the new webkinz scoop!
      gorrila8, cool! I’m not a fan of the gecko, either! Lol!

    5. No problem Kathleen, I still need to respond, but its just that i forgive you. Im super busy cuz now my grandma is over and im getting a cheeky monkey soon! Yayay! Im really happy! Well TTYL Kathleen!

    6. Ok, no rush! Whoahhhooooooooooooooo! What are you going to name your cheeky monkey?

    7. Thanks and I think i am going to name it Sam or Harrison. ( from your idea of Harris)

    8. Ooo, Harrison! I get it. Maybe Samison like Harrison! Lol!

    9. or Samson

    10. Samson is a possibility! Its gettin hard!

    11. Lol! Hope you choose Samson or sam or anything else cute!

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