Fancy Fountain Find And More- Please Read

June 26, 2008 at 1:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Fancy Fountain  -That is the fancy fountain I discovered on webkinz world! It’s not a special theme! If your really lucky, you can find it at the Curio Shop! It’s 2,940 dollars, tho!

Also, I read in a celebrity magazine that the Disney TV show Cory In The House is cancelling. There was new episodes made but that’s it. Cory In The House is over. I liked that show, it wasn’t my fav., but it was pretty funny! I still wish that That So Raven would make new episodes! I loved that show!

Also, I had 3 things happening today:

8:30 A.M.-10:00 A.M.-Swim Practice

10:30 A.M.-11:00 A.M.-Cello Practice

6:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M.- Iceskating Lessons

So, at my cello practice, it went VERY well! I completed 2 pages of lots of songs! Now I learned a new note to play! It was just fun!

At my iceskating lessons, I had a blast! Remember those terrible mowhogs I was telling you about? Well, I’m really good at them now and learned all new moves like a lounge where you put one foot out behind you and lunge down keeping the foot behind you and just moving. The foot needs to be flat, tho. I also leaned this jump called a Waltz like the dance! Lol! You glide on your left leg and then jump onto the othewr leg! I also learned much other stuff! It’s so fun and my teacher is very nice! He said he’ll teach me all new jumps and stuff next week at my next lesson! I can’t wait!

Oh, and CONGRATES CLARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you name your new cheeky monkey which is the July POTM something that will keep you satisfied!







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  1. I ♥ the fancy fountain, ive seen it a few times, but havent boughten it, i really like it so i think ill get it next time!
    And congratz on the cello Im sure your are now really really good!!! And ice-skating seems really excited–im really good at ice skating i love it, but now i have like no time, with horse back riding! Its a wonderful sport tho!!!
    And thanks, Im really happy i got the POTM!!! Samson is great!!!!!!!!! I might end up naming him that! I really wanna get the POTm Star Shooter! Wish me luck!!

  2. Cool, I heard the fancy fountain is a bit hard 2 find, tho! And some what expensive!
    Thanks! Cello is fun and I get to take private lessons at my teacher’s house which is so pretty! Yeah, iceskating is a greeat sport! Can you do any moves? I build confidence by ice skating! I wish I could see u skate!
    Oh, I wish you a TON of luck on getting the awesome Star Shooter! It’s like one of the best POTM items! Samson, another S for Star Shooter! That might give you more luck! To bad I never got a POTM, but I hope I’ll get the webkinz bull frog for September’s POTM!
    Keep on Rockin’!

  3. I have that fountan!!!!!

  4. OMG! Don’t you just love it?

  5. i saw that fountain in the curio shop but i didn’t want to sped to much money 🙂 but i am glad they are cancelling cory in the house, I’m not a big fan and i’m glad you had fun in all your lessons 🙂

  6. I had my LAST dance lesson yestarday. 😥 I LOVED DANCE AND I STILL DO! I REALLY want to go again next year. 😀 At least I know what I want to do next year.

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