What’s Up Everyone? PLEASE READ!

June 26, 2008 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 17 Comments


What’s up? Many people have not commented on my blog lately! Like, only Victoria and Clare comment anymore! And I’m not exaggerating! What’s so wrong with my blog? If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me! I was going to do my Blog Giveaway soon and put up new pages of me, my family, my friends, and my house! But please comment if your just viewing this page! AND, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been having a new contest! And only Victoria has entered! Please comment!!!!!!!!!




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  1. I just have been busy. Swimming and playing with friends. I will get on here when ever I can.

  2. I come all the time. Its just harder for EVERYONE, cuz its summer. But im sure no1 forget about it here.
    I would LOVE TO SEE some pics!

  3. Hannah-I understand! Your so nice, and friends and swimming is fun and it’s summer so yay!
    Clare, I know! I wasn’t talking about you, if you read on my post! Thanks. I’ll upload the pics. soon! Don’t forget to enter my contest!

  4. it’s just…….. u need a topic. like webkinz, home life or something. i prefer webkinz. and i entered the contest earlier but i will enter again since u didn’t see it.
    Guess 7
    Me: I don’t know what zodiac signs are! How am i supposed to know which i am?

  5. so sorry kathleen! it’s just summer time is a very busy time for me & i only have limited time on the computer. and also, EVERYONE wants me 2 go on their blogs so i lose track of which ones I haven’t been to in awhile! sorry!

  6. oh, it’s ok, amanda! Wow, that must be very confusing…

  7. 17Starlite, A topic…hmm…well I like to have many topics to keep people interested and I still try to get many webkinz news on here. Sorry if it’s getting uninteresting. Zodiac signs are these signs that are formed in the sky. When were you born? Like, what month and day. I can tell you which zodiac sign you are.

  8. Why I DON’T like your blog(no offence if you kinda liked these futures):
    1. It’s not ALL webkinz and you. I mean, you don’t have to do all those slideshows. And the Avril Lavegne video?
    2. JUST WHAT YOU SAID ON WHAT YOU WOULD DO! NO pictures of your house. Houses are important, but PLEASE not on a blog about webkinz and you.
    3. I have no friends on here except for Clare. At least, I think we’re friends. Are we, Clare?

    If you would like to be my online friend, PLEASE say so!

  9. oh, ok

  10. whatever

  11. Krazykk: Are you mad at me? I think you are.

  12. It’s just u were being kind of rude in your comment about how my blog is just about me and webkinz…

  13. KK: I meant that’s what I would like to see! Just you and webkinz. That’s all. Not to be mean.

  14. Oh, i understand.

  15. All right. But you cna still make more pages and put related stuff in there, if it makes ya happy!

  16. k, I already made lots of new pages!

  17. All right! I saw the latest celeb newz and my friendz!

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