Check Out My Friend’s Blog and Demi Lavato Newz

June 30, 2008 at 3:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Hey! My friend, Kristen, made a blog! It’s:

Check it out!


I read in a celebrity magazine (M Magazine)  that was all about Camp Rock and it had all these facts about it! There was one fact that said Demi Lavato wore Wet Seal clothes to the M magazine shooting 4 pics. in their magazine! I don’t know if she wore fur clothes, but i just wanted 2 tell you that!


Don’t you think Camp Rock is like the same thing as High School Musical?

Tess would be Sharpey

Shane would be Troy

Mitchie would be Gabriella

and Shane and Mitchie getting together to sing…just liike Troy and Gabriella…

and the plot is like the same! I think Camp Rock is really good, but it was like High School Musical!





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  1. oh Kathleen ur right it is just like High School Musical!

    And i hope Demi stops wearing Wet Seal!

  2. amanda, Yeah, it’s like the new thing! there always being a love fest between the main characters and a mean girl liking the main guy ana all…and I really do hope demi stops wearing wet seal, i don’t llike thta store at all!

  3. visit

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