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Remember how I told you I was going to make a page of my family, a page of my friends and a page of my house? Well, I won’t make it until I know it’s SAFE! So PLEASE comment back on here saying you will NOT copy these pictures that I’m going to post without MY permission! I just want to stay safe and if someone does copy this, it can lead to dangerous things if a complete stranger copys it! PLEASE COMMENT! Thank you!



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  1. I think its safe cause no one can find out any info about you from pictures. I don’t think anyone will copy.

  2. thanks, Hannah!

  3. i wont copy i promise =D

  4. i agree with hannah except don’t post of pic of ur house…..that could be dangerous
    and i won’t copy

  5. oops i was still logged in as Hannah THAT WAS ME AMANDA NOT HANNAH!!!

  6. I promise i wont share! Thats why id do any other pics of me expect riding because u can really see me. U never know about people on the internet….expect for you me and Hannah and doggie- were all good! 😀 oh yeah and victroia.

  7. Kristen, thankx! I know u and I can trust u obviously!
    Amanda, K, I won’t post pics. of my house! Yeah, I thought that would be dangerous.
    Clare, 🙂 🙂 I trust u, amanda, victoria (I know her from school!), Hannah and Kristen! thankx 4 commenting! I’ll check out your blog soon!

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