Sad Newz, please read…

July 4, 2008 at 6:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 41 Comments


I am sooooooooooooooooooo sad! My friend that sometimes comments on here, Victoria, has a wee mee just like me, I told her about it. I know her in real life, she used to be so nice. But then she met this bad person online  on weeworld, this other boy that she met on weeworld that she apparently “loves” right away! I tried to tell her that it was wrong and I told the guy that loves her too to leave her alone, because Victoria doesn’t even know him in real life!  Know they both think I’m mean! so now we aren’t friends and Victoria won’t even talk to me! I don’t understand! I just thinks she’s being careless about loving someone she doesn’t even know and that guy might be dangerous! Oh, know I seroiusly HATE my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. plz come to and

  2. o im srry feel better
    i mean you have other great friends lik me, val, clare , hannah……. and well…… a bunch
    theres 2 may to even list!

  3. thanks! lol

  4. o wow thats a hard issue. There are a lot of problems with tlakin’ with boys u dotn know cuz they r probably predators. its very un-safe. u need 2 help Victoria and make her understand that she CANT trust him!!!! and abouslty not ignore u! shes doesnt even kno him! U ned 2 tell her its not safe and she should talk. Possibly bring it up 2 ur parents and maybe they can help you. I am really sorry 4 u cuz right know you lsot a friend, but i bet u youll be friends in the end. i lost a friend for half of the school yea r and now we r friends. we bet at StarBucks with her rents’ mine her and me and we talked. Then it all worked out. i hope yoiu the best for you, and the saftey of Victoria!!

  5. Cotton candy: Am I your friend? If I am, just tell me and I will give you advice. No, I am not a therapist.

  6. Clare,yay, I know, its really tough! Well, I tried to tell her all about how its unsafe but she never said anything back and when I tried calling her, no one answered! Thanks for caring, the advice was great and I hope Victoria comments back to me instead of just ignoring me.
    gorrila8, Of course! lol, your not a therapist, aww man! wait…this might sound super weird to ask but or you a boy or a girl? lol…

  7. Katleen- oh, Im srry. I hope she comments back 2!!!

  8. thanks! But don’t be srry, you were helping me!

  9. Krazy KK: I’m a girl. It’s ok. But I DO want to be a therapist one day. Want me to pretend I am? OK, I will. Here is your advice:

    I think that you should go up to Victoria and say, “Hi! Remember me? Kathleen? If you do, I would like to tell you something. THat guy you love on Wee Mee world could be dangorous! Try liking someone that you can literatly see.”
    Then let her answer. Hope I helped! For now, that will be 25 dollars. 😆

  10. yes but i feel really bad 4 u Kathleen! and im scared 4 Victoria!

  11. gorrila8, Ok! Cool, being a therapist would be fun. Thanks for the advice but I can’t just walk up to her, she lives in a different development. It was a good idea. Maybe when I’m at my other friend, Kathryn’s house, I can go talk to victoria because they r in the same neighborhood.
    Clare, thanks for caring so much about this friend problem 🙂 🙂 It’s just like victoria is a different person know an dI’m scared 4 her, 2!

  12. dear Kathleen, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I don’t really like him i’m just pretending so i don’t get bothered by anyone really dangrous. I’m really sorry that i made you upset 😦 Your friend:Victoria


  14. kathleen you are so RUDE!!!!!!!!! 😦

  15. Kathleen,I thin you r right. She souldn’t be IN LOVE with some one she doesn’t know! Its prob some 50 year old man. I think you should talk to her about the bad things like:He could find out where she lives and come kid-nap her,and stuff like that,maybe she will relise that its not safe to be in love with some one over the internet.

  16. fine you win kathleen i dumped him and you P.S. i told my mom about him and she was fine about it but i guess your not

  17. Victoria: I think that if you treat Cotton Candy like that, you guy’s aren’t friends. Are you?

  18. Victoria- just chill. Kathleen was doing THE RIGHT thing.

  19. wow.

  20. Kathleen go 2 my site please

  21. 😦

  22. calm down? I want to get to the bottom of this! I dumped him just for kathleen and now what?

  23. Victoria, did you even know him? Brecause if you don’t it was really dangerous…

  24. Clare- Thanks for standing up for me!
    Victoria, I tried calling your home number but no one would answer.
    hannah, yay, i’ll go soon!

  25. Victoria: Ya! You SHOULD calm down. Not to be mean, but still she was doing what is best for you!

  26. thanks, gorrila8! Victoria, please calm down!

  27. exactly, calm! and u and Kathleen need to work this out.

  28. i tried to, clare but like she never answered her phone and answered my comments to her on weeworld where she met this guy!

  29. Im sorry Kathleen, i hope everything works out. I kno its hard. 😐

  30. Clare: I KNOW! Gosh! I NEVER had to deal with it, but I feel ur pain!

  31. woah this is gettin ugly. i dont mean to offend anybody (vicky) but……. uuuummmm wat should i say………kathleen was trying to protect u…….. she knew that as your friend it was her like part time job to protect her friends. if she didnt she probably wouldnt be a good fiend becuase friends stick up for each other and watch their backs. 🙂

  32. 🙂 🙂
    thanks clare, I hope so too!
    gorrila8, thank you for the sympothy!
    Kristen, Yeah, and you know Victoria! She was reallly nice and shy…


  34. I don’t think she can call, Vicky. After the way you treated her? Yeah, I don’t think that you guys friendship is ever gonna be the same.

  35. …thanks gorrila8. vicky, I’ll call but i won’t like it all.

  36. fine then don’t 😦

  37. Kristen is all confused lol.
    Victoria I agree with you if you were not really going out with him then whats the problem? Just because he knows you does not mean he knows where you live so he can come murder you. And Kathleen you should not hate your life just because Victoria goes out with some one on Weemee!

    No offense to any one but Victoria Kathleen was trying to protect you for some reason.

  38. victoria, I DID call you a lot of times but no one ever answered!!!! Please call me!

  39. I am still laughing at Kristen shes like woah I dont know what to say

  40. STILL LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 😆 😆

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