July 6, 2008 at 12:48 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

On webkinz, go to Todays Activities and there will be a thing where you can spin the wheel fo the month, it might only be today, idk!

Also, I’ve been totally busy today! My oldest brother, Rollin, had an eagle scout ceramony becasue he got eagle scout, the highest rank in boy scouts, which he is in. That was so long, then my moms side of the family came over to my house and we partied and played volleyball and pingpong and danced and everything until like seven at night! It was all day! So, yay! Oh and,

Today was also my parents anniversity, June 5th! I had cake and everything! It was AWESOME!



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  1. i got a recipe! and congrtaz to ur bro! my dad was an eagle scout!!! happy to your anniversary parents, 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i got a toy, 4get what its called. cool, eagle scouts r awesome. r u still in girlscouts?

  3. Ganz needs to change there items- there always the same ones! and that orange toy u got? oh! and yes my DAD was 1 he was bossed. and yes i am, r u?

  4. Yeah, totally agree! Its the wheel of the month, it needs to have awesome or at least better items. I’m a girlscout, 2!

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