Webkinz Alyssa’s Star Challenge and MORE!

July 12, 2008 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

The Star Challenge is very similar to both the Gem Hunt and the Charm Forest features.  You are able to “play” the game once per day.  Using the tip of your Star Catcher Net, you click on colored stars, or shooting stars, in the sky.  Each star will reveal a constellation which will either be empty, contain a Star, or contain a special Prize.  The obejctive is to collect all 21 Stars to win the Star Challenge Grand Prize. 

Go to the Charm Forest on Webkinz World and click on the area where it says Alyassa’s Star Challenge! It’s so fun! Here’s some of the stuff you can get:


I got the Solar Boots! The FIRST PICTURE on this post is the Star Collector’s Carousel, the newest webkinz item that you collect your stars in!

Well, check that out! Everyday only at Webkinz World!!!

Also, TODAY you can spin the

THE WHEEL OF WISHES! I got 1 token! Now I have 6 tokens, 4 more to go to chose an exclusive item!!!!!

This is SO WEIRD! Read the article! Only ASIAN WEBKINZ ACCOUNTS got this article!  😯  Its a new page, called My Page that is coming out sooner or later! Not much news on this page, but we’ll see sooner or later, time will tell! lol!   😆      

Ganz is mysteriously mkaing something new at the top of the webkinz clubhouse….and we can’t go in the clubhouse until it’s done! So WHAT ARE THEY MAKING? Is KINZCHAT PLUS COMING BACK? But with way stricter rules?  ❓   Or is it another fun feature…that no one knows what it is? Or is there going to be another webkinz clubhouse room? Possibly……     ❓

We all know the webkinz samoyed dog, right? WELL, Ganz keeps changing the graphics of the samoyed dog!!!! On the picture below is how the webkinz samoyed dog looks right now…unless Ganz changes its features AGAIN!

Now that all that is over with,

WEBKINZ GIVEAWAY IS IN ACTION!!!!!!!!! I’m going to raffle off everyone you entered my giveaway usernames’ today and you’ll see the results TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

Phew! That took a long ime to write all of that stuff!






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  1. thats so awsome! I need to try 🙂 I also need help to name my new webkinz rottweiler. Think you can help?

  2. I need 2 try the star game thing, i havent had time tho1 lol 😆 thanks for ALL THE NEWS that was a LOT . IM excited 4 kinzchat plus 2 come back!!!!! and i got the Mohawk on the wheel of whishes 😦

  3. Ok, here are some names:
    SYDNEY! That is my dogs name (girl) adn she looks exactly like the rottweiler!!!!
    lol, how about Bob?
    Like any of those?

  4. Clare, Well, the star game thing is every day! So u can always try it out! 🙂 Your welcome! Yeah, it took a lot of research and time to make this post! You can post this info. on your blog, when you have time! Me too! I’m excited to do kinzchat plus cause believe it or not, I’ve never used it! 😯
    Sorry about your bad luck on the wheel of wishes…ganz should really change the stuff on those wheels! 😦

  5. I like the name prince but if you have anymore names just tell me!

  6. Girl names:
    STAR- OMG! I think its a great name!!!
    Hope Boy names:
    Aurura Ruff-GREAT NAME!, T-Bone, Trap,
    Beauty Max?

  7. WOOPS! I mean:
    Girl Names, Star, Hope, Aurura, Beauty, Golden, Goldy, Brooke, Jilly, Jillian, Jill, Angel
    Boy Names, Ruff, T-Bone, Trap, Max?

  8. i want it to be a boy and i still like the name prince the most 🙂

  9. Then name it that! 🙂

  10. Wow, that border on the top of the page! I play violin, I have the black and white cheeky dog, I LOVE horses, I enjoy baseball, and I think iceskating is awesome.

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