Summer Love Poem and Webkinz News-COTTON CANDY WEBKINZ!

July 17, 2008 at 3:14 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

             Summer Love Poem                    

Have you ever felt left out?

Without any doubt,

that even when you shout,

no one can hear you?

I’m outside the crowd of everything,

and all I can do is sing,

and cling,

to my hopes as they fade away.

You don’t know what its like…

 I want to be a star,

I’ve gone so far,

to get no where?,

but here,

and its not clear.

Isn’t summer about having fun?

In the sun?

But I run,

run from the sun,

and the people who I thought I knew…

I have no clue.

It’s  a strange world out there,

but no one seems to care,

with my problems because all they’re having is affairs…

and they won’t share,

or let me in.

bullies are cruel and mean…

popular people are selfish…

friends are suppossed to stand up for you,

but as I grew,

and they did, too,

nothing became the same,

and its obvious whos to blame,

but there is a feeling of shame,

when no one came,

until middle school started,

even when my friends and I parted,

I found a bit of hope from one great friend,

that definetely lended a hand,


More then friends or not, we’ll always stay together


So say what you want,

do what you do,

you aren’t blunt.

You are as sharp and painful as a knife.

so say your opinions,

I don’t care,

all I can bare,

is Jeffrey.



Webkinz News:

thanks to Clare and Webkinzinsider for the news!!!

– Sadly, the webkinz Dalmation is retired. 😦 😦

And Ganz has about stopped making those webkinz Striped Snakes so thats very sad, too!

On the up side:

The Zingoz Celebration has begun! “It’s time to get a little Wacky”!  Zingoz Celebration will last from Thursday, July 17th through Wednesday, July 23rd.  Thank you to our members with Asian Time Zone accounts for giving us a sneak peek at the festivities.
Floating Zingoz have been spotted in Webkinz World. Clicking on a Zingoz will win you the previously unseen Zingoz Plushie. Keep your eyes peeled and click quickly. Once Zingoz Celebration is over, these adorable animals could be gone for good. Congratulations to Cozmic and Roselake for being the first WI members to report clicking Zingoz.
UPDATE:  We can now  report that the Zingoz are flying on an Eleven Minute Schedule.  What this means is that every eleven minutes you will have a chance at having a Zingoz fly across your screen.  This same timing was observed during the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa with the Flying Pigs.


The Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy which has been unavailable for over a year now has returned for the Celebration. To pick up a trophy, visit the Arcade and try your hand at Wacky Zingoz. If you can hit the Zingoz to a distance of 600 or more in one shot, you will be awarded the trophy.

Good luck on getting those!!!!

Click on all the purple words below to see future September webkinz:

-Shows webkinz floppy pig, above words!

-Above shows webkinz lamb

-Above shows webkinz chipmunk

-Above shows webkinz american blad eagle

-Above shows webkinz bottlenose dolphin

-Cute! Webkinz COTTON CANDY WEBKINZ!!!!!!!! OMG! That’s my nickname, cotton candy! I’ll just HAVE to buy it!!!!!!!!!

Ok, bye! I have yet ANOTHER swim meet tomorrow-Thursday night but its a home meet so it won’t be so long and I always go to swim practice in the morning, so in between there when I’m not working on my summer reading and packing my bags for camp next week I’ll be able to blog and stuff!

Please Comment!!!



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  1. kewl!!!!!!! I love the poem!

  2. hello,
    my name is Pinkey2we, and I have a blog, it is called it would be great if you could help me out to get some hits, it would be really nice if you added me to your blogroll, if you add me comment on luhy and I will add you!
    -Piney2we :mrgreen:

  3. wow thx for all that news, that was a LOT!!!!! AND I ♥ THE POEM!!


  5. I love the poem!!!!!!!!! did you make it up?! its th ebest poem I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!! That bunny is the cutest thing ever!!!! thx for all the great news!!!!!!!

  6. Here is a song that I wrote, called Still Alright

    When everything you have fades away
    You realize that nothing feels the same.
    Everything you ever thought was a big deal.
    Now you see it all, what is real.

    When all you are just falls apart
    Nothing seems to work out right
    Just keep trying.

    And your still, alright.
    And your still, alright.
    And your still, alright.
    And your still, alright.

    Somehow the world goes on
    Without them knowing whats going on.
    Whithout a doubt, they don’t care
    Their love and joy they cannot share

    But say what you are, no one will care
    Their love and joy, they can’t share
    They don’t know what’s going on inside your heart
    Let them go, they can’t start

    [Repeat chorus]

    I wrote that just for me. There are 2 bullies that are liers. I am sorta goth, but not MAJOR. Not really goth, just into black and Halloween, ya know? They call it Goth, but do you think it is? I don’t. Goth means rude, rebellious, and just plain wrong. So what do you think of me?

  7. great poem and thanks for all the webkinz news! i love the dolphin and bunny 🙂

  8. Alex, thank you! 🙂
    Clare, Ur welcome! It took me a while to post it all! Thnx 4 saying that u love my poem, it comes from the heart…problems that hopefully ppl can relate 2! And, I JUST LOVE THE WEBKINZ COTTON CANDY BUNNY!!! I need to get it for Christmaas or just buy it with my own money!
    Hannah, aww, thanks!!! 😀 Yay, I made up the poem! Like it? The bunny is totally adorable!!!!! So need to get it!
    Gorrila8, Umm…I like the song, its cool! but the whole goth thing, I don’t care!
    Victoria, thanks! I’ll try to give u those webkinz 4 ur b-day! 😉

  9. but my birthday is in a long time

  10. but my birthday is in a long time 😦

  11. We’ll see each other at Erin’s B-day party!!! 🙂

  12. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i did it i got past 600 in the game and i got the trophy 😛

  14. Congrates!

  15. thanks!

  16. Hey, I’m on!!!!

  17. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I know that there is a Webkinz Sale on but I am not sure on shipping as this can blow the cost of buying webkinz online out over buying from the shop? What is your experience?



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