Going 2 Camp Today All The Way Til Friday Night

July 20, 2008 at 3:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

That is sort of what the tents at Grove Point looklike, without the port-a-potty and bench!

So, I’ll  be gone all week… 😥   😥    But I’m making 2 promises:

1. I’ll have as much fun as possible!    😉 


So I won’t be able to post, comment or blog until Friday night when I come back, so I’ll miss everyone SO MUCH!!!



P.S. I’m gong to church today then camp, I’lll miss u all!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. bye bye Katleen, have an AWESOME time!! Im really gonna miss u!! u r gonna have soooo much fun!!!!!! i hope you enjoy yourself. Im so gonna miss you, but ill think of you when ur having a blast!!! ByeBye-
    P.S. i wont talk to you until like August7th cuz i leave for vaciton friday MORNING!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful time, and talk to you after!

  2. Bye clare!!! I’ll have soooooo much fun hopefully!!! I’ll miss YOU! Have sooooooooo much fun on ur vacation! I’ll definetely think of u, 2, at camp and when ur away! Talk To You Later (TTYL!)

  3. Have a great time Kathleen!!! it will be a BLAST!!!!!!!! I will catch up 2 u in August, very excited 4 vaction! Bye bye, have funnnn!!
    i willt hink of you, today when im at Ben ( awesmomeguys) house! Ta Ta!

  4. Home yet?

  5. Clare, Back, but ur on ur vacation now! Hope ur having fun!
    victoria, I got home yesturday night, when u posted ur comment, and yestyrday I went to the carnival, u know the one near the church? I was with Kathryn, and Erin, 2, and erin said she saw jeff there!

  6. i am going today!

  7. yeah, kathryn told me that! I wanted to go today but I couldn’t, my mom and I went to friendly’s and then home to watch the Hannah Montana Concert on Disney Channel!

  8. i almost went to frienly’s instead of the carnival! I saw james,val,kathryn there. I tryed watching the Hannah Montana Concert but it sounded really weird so i ended up going on line 🙂

  9. Friendlys is awesome, but I would rather go to the carnival, too! Did you ride the zipper? I wanted to ride it, but the line was about 50 feet long!!!! I SO wished I was there! 😥

  10. no 😦

  11. Did u ride that spin ride where u stand up and the ride spinsin a circle? That one is cool!!!

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