Webkinz POTM For October and More-Read ALL

July 26, 2008 at 8:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments


Thanks to webkinzinsider, I found out new webkinz news!!!!!!!! The POTM for October is:

 – WEBKINZ PUG!!!!!! I don’t really wawnt the webkinz pug, but if I got it, I would be cool, save it for October! XD

OMG! A chickadee webkinz is cute, so is the rest of the webkinz above!

These webkinz items are new to the Kinzstyle Shop!

– This is the future magical retriever! Its item is called Sparkling Star Bed and its food is Presto Pesto Pizza!

– The webkinz goldfish will have a sort of underwater room! And all the land webkinz in there will have a bubble over their head so they could breathe and when the water webkinz, like the goldfish and manatee will have a bubble so they can breathe in water when they’re on land!

I’ve been working hastily on my summer reading lately so still keep commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. I love the pug! All the new webkinz are really cute! I love all the clothes 🙂 My favorite is the peace shirt. can’t wait till the magical revriever. I really wan’t the fish it is awsome and different!

  2. Lol! Yeah, the new webkinz are awesome! The clothes are cool, too! I want to see what the magical retriever looks like as a webkinz like in real life! I definetely want the fish, too!!!

  3. Everything sounds totally awsome!!!

  4. KEWL!!!!!! 🙂

  5. Totally, Vicky…AWESOME!
    Hannah, Thanks! 🙂 But why did you delte your blog, I miss it!

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