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I’m going to middle school! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Changes:



Different Classes,

More Responsibility,

More Homework,

Peer Preasure

Can’t wait for a whole new exciting world! I’ve been working hard on my summer reading, trying to finish it lately so yay! Any tips or advice? Thanks!


P.S. A new theme only underwater on webkinz world:



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  3. let me handle this 😀

  4. I have already had 1 year of middle school and it is actually a lot more fun than I expected, so I have some advice and tips for you. The classes might not always be fun but you make tons of friends! Also get involved in after school activities like track or music(I was in both and I broke a school record in track)and I was in a singing group. Be sure to always be friendly to everyone becuase you never know, you could get a great friendship out of it. I didn’t have a problem with opening lockers, but always remember to turn right first to the number, turn left to the second number and turn right again to the last number. If you get lost to a class remember certains things in the hall that help you get there. After a while you will be able to get to your classes blind-folded. =) I know I could. Always try hard in classes and never give up. If you need other advice about anything, I am usually on so you can ask me there. Don’t hesitate to ask. Also, try to get on the good side of the teacher and try not to turn in late homework. I hope this helps and good luck in Junior High!

  5. sry, no advice! im just going to 5th! lol

  6. Micheal Phelps is awesome!He has a bull dog!Did you hear what his has for breakfeast its like all together like 100000 calories.Did you know he has A-D-D?I think thats how you spell it.Kids made fun of him at school but now they should look at hm hes a fmous athletic winning loads of gold medals and they probaly have some bad job!

  7. i have no advice but i dont know what to expect with my class.i really never got to know my teacher im going to have my brothers friends had her when they where in his school but that was plenty of years ago.I wonder what my teacher will be like.Here are sometips.


    Keep on your studies.Sure you can hang out with friends but remember to study!

    Find friends that acctually are trust worthy and nice dont let some snoopy rich rude kid be your friend.Find friends that you trust and you like them for who they are no what they have.

    Dont make up lies just to be well popular and get into cliques.You need to show others as your self dont change yourself just to get into groups


    BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!Thats what my princpal says was the most important thing ever.But sadly my princapal left but i still remember him and that one line which helps me get through my school problems

  8. Heyyy well im in 7th grade now. and i was soo scared for 6th grade OMJ it wasnt even funny. i thought i would die!! but its sooo much fun!! MUCH better than elm. school2 me. The school day goes by MUCH MUCH faster cuz u change classes if you do.
    My best tip i think would be: It stay orginzed. try to organize your binders on the weekends and throw out not needed papers. Also, i would wear a watch daily. Because it will show you how much time you have 2 get til’ your new class. And, keep a copy of your scheldue taped to your locker. That allows you 2 ALWAYS know wat class is next, youll never forget!! and 1 more VERY important tip: Give a spare key to your best best friend ever. thats honest and you know would NEVER go in2 your locker w/o permission. I lost a key but i didnt give my BFF one, but all my other friends did. i learned the HARD way. That way if u loose your key EVERYONME does ( i did once) your friend will have one and no worries. Keep another spare in yuor locker. For my school we have 2 change clothes for PE dont kno about you. I was soo freaked out about that.
    I would recommended ready a girls smart guide to starting middle school, its an American Girl book. i did before school and i still have it. Its really a great book and will make you more relaxed. Its truly great, i would DEFIANTLY buy it if i were you.
    TRYST ME MIDDLE school is a BLAST!!
    Gooooood luck, i hope i helped!!
    Plz go 2 my blog for a new post!!
    Luv ya,

  9. Clare: OMG! I ♥ that book! It really helps kids.

  10. K- i hope the advice helped, i took like 10 min. working on that HUGE comment!! LOL 😆
    well anyways..please please comment on my blog, i havent gotten any comments from you lately at ALL.
    and do u have that book? I just re-read it ALL last night! HEHE!!!! i thought of you….

  11. He-he!

  12. hey kathleen! its keely!
    I’m starting middle school very soon too!!!
    I’m really nervous!
    But why do you have prom in middle school i thought prom was only for high school. at the middle school i’m going to we have the Fall Ball, Winter Dance, & Spring Fling. They are all school dances (duhh)

  13. plz come backk to my blog,

  14. Hi keely! Haven’t talked 2 u since 4 eva! Oh, well, I say prom, instead of dance, really I think it means the same thing…I think. Ok, comment on ur blog soon!

  15. thanks for ur comment!!!! at my school we have a dance for every season except summer!

    my sister says not to worry, and that i’ll be fine on my first day!!!! but of course i’m still nervous!

    just remember one thing: EVERYONE is nervous!!!

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