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I’m so sorry to everyone for not updating or commenting back ro commenting on ur blogs, I’ve been super stressed out about this summer reading stuff! I’ve also been super busy with cello and iceskating and I’ve been shopping a lot getting school supplies and clothes.

For all the comments! OMG! I’m so shocked of all of these comments! THANK U, IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME!

Here r ur comment answers from the last post:

penelopig, I’m signing up for orchestra (do cello) and chorus! OMG! I love track and field, I’ll sign up for it if they have it at my school! I’m a fast runner (not to brag, tho)! I’ll try to make new friends, but keep the old ones! Gotcha on the locker usage! Pretty simple, I’ll hopefully remember it! I hope I don’t get lost to class, I’m having an open house so I get to meet my teachers and find out where my classes r! I’ll try to check out ur blog sooner or later and I’ll always ask u for advice, thanks for offering!

crystalsing, Lol, its fine, thanks for commenting, tho!

avrilisawesome, To tell u the truth, I’m spending way more time on my studies right now in the summer for summer reading then hanging with friends, but I’m planning to have a back toschool party with my bff’s when school starts! Ohh, and trust me, I’m not that type of girly girl need to be popular person! I’m more like a tomboy, but I change my look all the time and I’ll try to be myself, I always me my krazy self and I always embarrass myself, lol! I definetely stand out in the crowd! Be the best you can be is great advice, I always try my best at whatever I do, but, sadly, sometimes I stress out so much that I cried when I found out I got all A’s on my final report card in 5th grade cause my friend got better grades then me and I worked harder then her…but I guess thats jealousy :(:( But, thanks for the advice, it helps a lot!


Hey! OMG! I’m so sorry! After this post I’ll go straight to ur blog! I’ve just been busy, not even having time to hang with buds! Sorry!

Cool, school going by quickly, I like that idea!    🙂      Ok, I’ll try to stay organized. Its not my specialty but I’ll keep a schedule on my locker, great tip! That’ll help a bunch so I don’t get lost, you know? I’ll try to get a watch before school starts, but I think there r clocks in the classrooms, yay! You use keys on ur lockers? I thought that u use like locker combinations, but if I do use lockers, I’ll give it to one of my friends I can trust, I don’t have a bff, really. Good idea, too! Idk if we’ll have to change for PE, but if we do, ewwww! Lol! I mgiht get that book, umm, I don’t think my parents have the extra money, tho…Middle school does sound so exciting! OMG! I’m so anticipated to go! There’s going to be an open house soon! I just want to know whos in my homeroom with me. You know victoria who sometimes comments on my lbog, she’s not in the same homeroom as me but we are right next to each other! I hope I’m in the same class as my friends!! Lol! And the advice DENINETELY helped! Thank you!!! ttyl!

Bye everyone! It’s late at night right now, I’ll try to comment! Sorry!




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  1. Its ok!! i understand i hardly ever have time to post this summer!!!! Its gone by sooooo soo fast and like im sooo busy!! and wow us aid a lot in that comment. All i really have to say cuz u answered all my questions, but i have a book locker with a key for my reg. locker and a combo. lock for my PE locker. thats how ym school does it. And if u have 2 change for PE trust me its not that embrassing most people dong look at you cuz there changing and it goes by so fast.Dont worry. and ya all my rooms have clocks but u prob. would like a watch so u kno how much longer you have 2 get to ur next class so you know if you stop at the bathroom or not. and i have a great idea, if u cant buy that book, the library might have it!! u could check it out!! 😉
    and its ok for not comign to ym blog, io didnt come here for a while either. So sorry. Well TTYL!!
    Im going shopppign and to ride Joe today! not now, later tho!

  2. Clare, Aww, thnx a lot for understanding. For me, I only have a week until school comes! AHH! I can’t wait! I’m a little scared at how it will feel to be in a different school after 5 years! Yay, I wrote a lot but I type fast. Oh, thats what u mean buy key. gotcha! Ok, not embarrassing about changing. I probably have an old watch in my room somewhere! Good idea! i bet Border’s has that book! k, I’ll hcekc it out! No, its fine that u didn’t come for while, its all cool! 8)
    Hope ya had fun shopping and riding joe!

  3. I mean Kathleen, lol, I spelled my own name wrong!

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