Webkinz News Just Checked out webkinzinsider and had to make this quick post!

August 15, 2008 at 2:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
Webkinz Clown Fish
Webkinz Clown Fish
Webkinz Pink White Dog
Webkinz Pink & White Dog
Webkinz Buffalo
Webkinz Buffalo
Webkinz Porcupine
Webkinz Porcupine
Lil Kinz Hummingbird
Lil Kinz Hummingbird
Lil Kinz Triggerfish
Lil Kinz Triggerfish

These r all new webkinz and lil kinz webkinz for October! My absolute favorite is the lil kinz


– The webkinz HIPPO is confirmed to be the POTM for November, I’ll get to my contest on this POTM hopefully soon!


P.S. I got my camping pictures, I won’t update them soon cause I’m sleeping over at my grandmothers house tomorrow and I’ll be too busy tomorrow to update all of them, but I promise u will see them later on! Thanks for understanding my busy schedule, it means a lot for someone to understand!



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  1. fav: Triggerfish
    Least P and white dog!! I LOVE THE T. FISH SOO MUCH AWW!!!
    and yayaya i saw the news on the hippo POTM 2! and i understand ive been SOOO busy 2!!

  2. wats ur least favorite?

  3. QT! Fave: Triggerfish
    Least: Hummingbird

    Here is a song that I wrote called Tell Me:

    Tell when you’ll let me know
    What’s really going on with you
    But not today.
    You just can’t live this way.

    C’mon, get it out of your heart
    That no one liked you from the start
    Cause it’s not true.
    I’ve always liked you.

    Tell me what’s on your mind
    And how you feel.
    Tell me what’s on your mind
    And what you think is real.
    I’m feeling the same way
    When no one wants me today
    [End of chorus]

    I wanna know what’s going on with you
    I saw you crying on the roof
    Your sadness in the moonlite overdrew you
    And that was all of the proof
    That you needed serious help

    [Repeat chorus]

    All I wanna do is help
    C’mon, let me
    I’m just doing what’s best for you
    C’mon, let me

    I just wanna help

    [Repeat chorus]

  4. Clare,
    the triggerfish is cool looking, but I like the clown fish just a bit more because it looks so funny with those big eyes! 🙂 My least favorite would have to be either, now that I think aboiut it, the porcupine, or buffalo.
    gorrila8, Oh, the hummingbird is my favorite. Nice song, tho!

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